We are a small team with a range of experience in education, language learning, theatre and making our community a better place. We have a passion for languages, the arts, education, culture, nature and travel. It’s great to brainstorm, refine our ideas and then share them with others. We are excited that we have established the first English language theatre in Bulgaria; right here in Sofia! We hope to see you at a show or workshop soon.

Vera Frengova

Board Chair

Vera is an enthusiast of the arts, culture, travel, and foreign languages. Raised by an English literature teacher, she was exposed to American and British literary canon from an early age. These days her favorite past times are reading fresh voices and going to the theater. She’s fortunate to be part of a theater community, having several family members who work in the industry, with whom she continues thought-provoking conversations long after the curtain closes. 

Vera is a Director at Berlitz Sofia Center for Language and Business Trainings. It is at this center that she fortuitously met Mark Modzelewski, founder of the first English-language theater in Bulgaria. 

Desislava Duridanova

Board Member

Desislava was born in Sofia and has lived in this beautiful city most of her life. 

She is a language teacher and course manager at New Bulgarian University, who still loves teaching after more than 20 years. She says it gives her the freedom to be different every time she enters the classroom. She can be an actor along with her students, changing roles depending on the topic. The director by setting the scene and assigning the roles. A curious audience member following the play unfold onstage or even the reviewer who can either give wings to the performers or “kill” the show with some negative feedback. As a language teacher this defines, to a great extent, her professional interests: teacher training, various aspects of linguistics, teaching language and culture, online learning and intercultural communication. 

She’s been fortunate enough and diligent enough to graduate from three different universities and took the best that each could offer. Sofia University taught her to appreciate the beauty of Russian literature, language and culture. New Bulgarian University helped her to become a better English teacher and expanded her knowledge of the English and German speaking worlds. Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland opened her eyes to the stories objects might tell about the people who own them and whose life they define and also the ways one could use language to communicate effectively in a variety of situations. 

She claims to not have a hobby, but her phone and camera are always with her. Especially when she travels.  

Board Member

Bio and photo coming soon.

Additional Contributing Consultants

Miro Kokenov – actor/ entertainer

Aneliya Modzelewski – producer/ clinical team manager (& wife!)

Emil Vaklinov – entrepreneur/ software developer

Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL)