What is THEATER ViSiONS all about? Who started the theater and why? When did it become an NGO? What are the company’s goals? Who else is helping to make the dream a reality? Dive into these pages to find out more!


Based on two guiding principles: to provide high-quality theatrical entertainment and top-notch educational offerings for all ages. We have goals and a plan for how to achieve them.

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Mark Modzelewski is an American theatre director and educator. What are his plans and experience? Where has he directed? How did he end up in Sofia, Bulgaria?

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They are knowledgable and innovative; a dynamic group of people. They believed in the vision right from the start.

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Our CONTaCT page includes the necessary information to reach us and a simple email form. You can also choose to connect to us through our social media accounts or follow our ViSiONS BLoG.


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