We tell ourselves stories in order to live.

Joan Didion



Cardiff Shakespeare

“The Creative Ensemble were also superb, and were integral to the success of the play.”

“…visually and audibly stunning.”

“…with a marvellous cast, perfectly directed (and well edited, might I add! It was a brisk piece of engrossing entertainment)…:

The Nerdy Notebook

“…respecting the intelligence of its audiences, challenging them to come along with the fantastic company…”

“…there is something to be said for taking the leap into the unknown.”

An Organized Mess

“…all who are fortunate enough to see it, an alternative glimpse into the words of Shakespeare and the relevance of the themes.”

“The decisions made by co-directors Mark Modzelewski and Jack Paterson create all the success of the piece.”

“There is much to compliment in the production. …it is definitely a must-see.”


Fringe Review

“Kokenov uses energetic physical acting together with narration to populate the small stage space with a village full of people.

…is beautifully told with physical gestures. Recommended!”

Broadway Baby

“…fascinating stream of consciousness.”

“Kokenov is the perfect fit for this part: energetic and engaging…

…there are many laugh-out-loud moments throughout the performance.

The Theatre Times

“Kokenov himself has a charisma and explosive charm that allows him to carry off a one-man show as effortlessly as if it had a full cast of actors.”

“His mastery in physical humour is what carries the show…”

“…variously touching, sad and deeply comical.”

*LILIOM – A Legend in Seven Scenes

A Younger Theatre

“The Torchlight Collective cast did a sound job in capturing the audience through drama that was intense, at times humorous and consistent.”

“All the actors in the show gave great performances…”

 “I enjoyed the moments of silence which is often avoided in theatre…”

“Great character work lays at the heart of this adaption…

Hello, Emma Kay

“…we were handed raffle tickets- …and opened the door to the fairground inside.”

“… all cast members dazzled the stage in their own way.”

“…is Torchlight Collective’s first production and what a play to mark the beginning of their adventure.”

It was a fabulous production to witness a wonderful whiff of fresh talent.

London Theatre 1

“I have rarely, if ever, had such an immersive experience at the theatre before the show had even started…

…always engaging. There isn’t a weak link in this company.

…this is an incredibly moving piece of theatre.

An astonishing debut from Torchlight Collective, who have arrived on the London stage in style.

Frost Magazine

“…the audience were immersed from the start and we feel a part of the set and a part of the production.”

“…explored dark and light, comedy and death and the audience felt they were taking a ride on an emotional rollercoaster.”

“My only criticism? This production was only on for a week.”

*These three shows were directed and staged by Mark while he was Artistic Director of Torchlight Collective, an independent theatre company that was based in London, UK.

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