Drop by drop – a whole lake becomes./ Капка по капка – вир стана.

Bulgarian Proverb

THEATER ViSiONS is a small independent theater company and as such we receive no government subsidies. Your assistance will enable us to continue to produce quality shows and special events. We are registered with the Bulgarian government as an NGO for public benefit.

We are so grateful that you are considering donating to us. You can be assured that we do our best to keep our costs low and the quality high. You may choose to give a gift in-kind or give financially.

Фондация Театър Видения / Theater Visions Foundation

Republic of Bulgaria – Department of Justice Registry Agency

ЕИК/ПИК (UIC/PIC) 205770188


You can choose to give either by credit card or PayPal. Simply click the donation button below.


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Together, we bring the ViSiON to Life!

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